Submit your innovative sanitation technology or solution

As part of this disruptive sanitation space we are continuously seeking to identify highly innovative sanitation technologies. These technologies can be locally developed or localized international technologies. We provide technology and commercia with technical and commercialization support to enable market entry of their sanitation technologies and solutions. If your technology meets the criteria listed below. Kindly contact us.

  • Technology must be at least Technology Readiness Level (TRL)7 to 9
  • Innovative off-grid sanitation front end solution that require little or no water for flushing
  • Urine diversion technologies
  • Off-grid faecal sludge treatment technologies
  • Off-grid blackwater treatment technologies
  • Innovative sanitary pad disposal systems
  • Innovative off-grids sanitation solutions that produce beneficial product from sanitation wastes

Note: You should be able to demonstrate the underlying scientific principles behind the technology, provide the rationale supporting design features, fabrication and implementation costs, operations and maintenance requirements, level of readiness for operation, target location (rural, peri-urban and/or urban), and detail any previous demonstrations/implementation (number of units installed, performance metrics, location, scale, partners, performance outputs) and desire to commercialize and take technology to market.