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Value-Chain Analysis for the Sanitation Industry in South Africa

The sanitation industry is in transition, with NGS technologies emerging as a disruptive force. South Africa is a global leader in the NGS field, with the global market expected to grow significantly in the coming years. The project focused on unlocking domestic demand for NGS technologies, however, this is challenging due to the lack of a well-developed ecosystem for NGS. Dialogue with key stakeholders and fast-tracked regulatory frameworks for certification are necessary. Policy instruments to support the development of the NGS industry include continued investment in Research, Development and Innovation, interfacing 4iR interventions with water and sanitation technologies, leveraging R&D&I capabilities, tariffs, public sector infrastructure spend, policy directives, and NGS infrastructure investments in public higher education, TVET institutions, and schools. The NGS industry has the potential to improve sanitation in South Africa, but requires a coordinated effort from government, private sector, and civil society.