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Clear Recirculating Toilet System Demonstration Project

The Clear Recirculating Toilet System utilizes a water recycling process for sewage treatment, utilizing an advanced “Biofilm MBR” treatment process. The waste stream is stored in a black water collection tank, which is then pumped to the treatment section. The wastewater is treated to remove suspended solids, followed by anoxic and aerobic biological treatment to remove organic and nitrogen. A special aerobic media is placed in the reactor, and proprietary bacteria are attached as a biofilm. This biofilm effectively biodegrades organic pollutants, reducing their concentration. The treated stream is then passed through the membrane biological reactor (MBR), which captures most of the biomass for recirculation. The MBR has excellent solids/liquid separation effects and produces water that can be reused for toilet flushing. The water is then dozed with ozone to ensure it is pathogen-free. The system has been demonstrated in Mofolo north informal settlement, Tsholetsega Primary school, Tirelo Farm school, Maria Linden Primary and Mandosi Combined school.