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Imesa Conference 2022 & Scooping Award For Best Double Stand

Written by: Phillip Majeke

IMESA conference was hosted at Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg from 2-4 November 2022. The conference had a theme “Adapting to our Changing World” and the papers presented crucial topics like building, structures, housing, ecological, environmental, social, financial, legal, regulatory, transport, roads, stormwater, water and sanitation. In addition, there were panel discussions, knowledge bar discussions and ample opportunities to network with speakers and delegates in the Exhibitors’ Hall.

SASTEP was offered an opportunity to present at the knowledge bar, the purpose of the knowledge bar allows delegates to explore and get educated about emerging changes within the industry, and give input and feedback on crucial guideline formation. Phillip Majeke, Commercialisation Manager for SASTEP presented “Towards Circular Economy – Innovative Sanitation Technologies in the Sanitation Value Chain”. The session was attended by 10-15 delegates from various companies and government entities.

The IMESA event ended with the awards session for best stands and papers, WRC scooped the award for the Best Double Stand (see photo below), which was received by Dimpho Legodi, SASTEP Communications Officer.