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Sastep Gears For Provision Of Dignified Sanitation To Continue To Post Its Demonstration Projects

SASTEP is currently having 3 demonstration projects in the City of Johannesburg metro. These demonstrations have successfully provided dignified sanitation to the communities they have been serving for the past two to three years. With the demonstration period coming to an end, SASTEP with its technology partners for the demonstrations is ensuring that the communities these technologies are serving will continue to have dignified sanitation post the demonstration period. The demonstrations have provided flushing toilets to communities where a flushing toilet was a far-fetched concept and where there were challenges with sewer connection.

On 24-25th October 2022, there was training by Enviro Options and WEC Projects for City of Johannesburg personnel for Clear Technology and the New Generator respectively. The training consisted of theoretical aspects of the technologies as well as hands-on training for the technology’s major maintenance activities. The training is to ensure that the City of Johannesburg have the capacity to operate and maintain the technologies once they have been handed over to them at the end of the demonstration period.

These demonstrations aim to showcase that dignified sanitation should not only be attainable through a pipe connected to the Wastewater treatment plant. The technologies can serve communities that are far flung from wastewater treatment works or where it is impractical to lay sewer pipelines to convey waste to a treatment plant. The demonstrations are currently in a school in Krugersdorp and two informal settlements in Soweto. The school had challenges with sewer blockages which at times resulted in the school shutting down due to sewer flowing in the school. The demonstrations have been successful as the communities these technologies are serving have taken it upon themselves to look after them. These technologies are only supplied with water for flushing once and the water will be treated onsite and recirculated for flushing.