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Social Entrepreneurship Model for Pit Emptying Using the Evac Pit Emptying Machine

This project used a social entrepreneurship framework to test the locally developed pitvaq pit emptying machine, for profitability, dignity and simplifying the job of pit emptiers.  The pitvaq is a fully portable pit emptying machine which can go anywhere and has the same suction capability as any vacuum tanker, with the difference that it has a much smaller vacuum tank.  The tank is designed for filling 50 litre drums, which are then carried either to an on-site disposal trench/soakpit, or to a waiting transport vehicle (tractor/trailer/bakkie/truck) which carts the drums to the nearest treatment facility. The pitvaq teams were based in 3 centres: Pietermaritzburg; Durban and East London.  This project built on the lessons learned and the experience gained from the social franchising model tested and established by Impilo Yabantu in the Eastern Cape (Social Franchising Partnerships for Operation and Maintenance of Water Services: Lessons and Experiences from an Eastern Cape Pilot, Report to the Water Research Commission by Kevin Wall &, Oliver Ive, WRC Report No. TT 564/13).